High energy mixes with 41% oil

Semifinished products - digestible carriers with up to 50% oil content

Unique production facility - special features enable product innovation

The finest muesli and course mixes - all available under private label

Hepromij is your partner in specialty & high-quality animal food under private label.

Hepromij offers high quality and innovative food concepts under private label for all animals. We focus on private label production of animal food in premium and super premium quality. With our products you can really differentiate from your competitors. We fully understand that the single most important influence on an animal's health is nutrition. When you choose our products to sell under your brand, you know you are getting the best in private label animal nutrition.

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  • Finished Product - Muesli - Glutenfree / Grainfree
    Finished product - Snacks - Herbal crackers
    A unique herbal blend makes this cracker the perfect reward for horses and rodents. It is 100% natural!
    Finished product - Muesli - Horse - Herbs
    As one of our first developed products, we have a wide collection of course mixes (Muesli) with herbal components in our selection for horses
    Finished product - Foodblock - Rodent
    A complete rodent food in block form serves as multiple days of food supply, easy and safe.
  • Finished product - Muesli - Calf Prestarter
    Complementary food for more vital calves, a unique product to be used perfectly in combination with a milk replacer.
    Finished product - Muesli - Rat & Mouse
    A luxurious line of muesli’s developed for each rodent type and still one of the best rodent muesli's available under private label.
    Finished product - Muesli - Horse - Mash
    This particular Mash type is an easy to prepare, extremely tasty mixture, stimulating the digestion and the metabolism of the horse due to the usage of the finest ingredients we have available
    Finished product - Muesli - Horse
    A fruit cocktail to enhance the resilience and vitality of the horse, a rich food for the optimization of the daily ration